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tv   Action News 630 AM  ABC  May 13, 2015 6:30am-7:01am EDT

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my life. >> a chilling description there by mayor michael nutter in the wake of last night's deadly amtrak disaster. >> it is 6:30 on this wednesday and this is a view of aftermath from chopper 6hd. rail cars flipped over, others torn apart. right now we know at least five people are dead. dozens more are injured. the ntsb will arrive at the scene this morning to begin its investigation into the deadly amtrak train derailment. we have live team coverage coming up. >> windy and cooler conditions for the rescue and recovery and investigative efforts in port richmond today. i'll have that story and the rest of the accuweather 7-day coming up. >> the train derailment is affecting your morning commute in a big way. i'm karen rogers. i'm going to have the latest details on the closures and restrictions coming up. >> thank you for that karen. hundreds of fire and police officials are there still on the scene of that amtrak derailment right now. federal officials are getting there later this morning to get going on their investigation into what caused this crash.
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>> here's what we know so far. at least five people are dead, 65 passengers were taken to numerous hospitals in philadelphia, six of the patients are in critical condition. >> now this is train 188. it was headed from washington d.c. up to new york city. it derailed in the port richmond section of the city around 9:30 last night. six cars and the end inall coming off the track. >> we begin our live coverage from the scene itself. ax news reporter chad pradelli is near the tracks in port richmond. good morning chad. >> reporter: passengers say the derailment came without warning. then it sounded like shopping carts smashing into one another. >> to be honest i was just watching -- you know playing with my phone and then suddenly the train went dark and then it seemed like someone had slammed the brakes and everything start shaking. >> reporter: passengers emerged from the twisted metal startled and stunned. many with gaping wounds and blood stained clothes. train 188 bound from washington, d.c. to new york derailed in port port richmond just
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after 9:30 p.m. emergency responders flooded the scene. 65 of the 243 aboard the train were transported to area hospitals. triage centers were set up outside the roughly half dozen hospitals to deal with the wounded. >> 65 transports. still six considered critical and unfortunately a confirmed five individuals deceased. >> the incident has been placed under control so we're starting the family reunification process. we're working with amtrak with our hospitals, we're working with all of our human services agencies. >> reporter: so far the cause of the derailment is still under investigation. the department of homeland security is on scene and the national transportation safety board will lead the investigation. >> ntsb as i mentioned earlier has already deployed a team. they are on their way to philadelphia with a full team with equipment. >> reporter: governor tom wolf arrived from harrisburg and said his thoughts and
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prayers are with all impacted. he called it a devastating situation. >> anything the state can do to help we stand ready to do that. the state police are here to help. >> reporter: and the mayor says it's unclear how many of the injured and killed are from the philadelphia area but anyone looking for loved ones are urged to call amtrak. i'm live in port richmond, chad pradelli, channel6 "action news." >> thank you, chad. that number is on our web site by the way. now the injured are spread out across five hospitals in the city. >> "action news" reporter katherine scott filed this report from hahnemann university hospital. >> no, it happened in seconds. >> reporter: passengers describe the chaos the terror as amtrak's northeast regional train 188 derailed in port richmond around nine:30 last night. 243 people were on board the train bound for new york. some were trapped. others climbed through windows to escape. >> seemed to be minor injuries on the -- on the back of the train. the rough part was in the front. this was declared a level
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three mass casualty incident. the fire department says 18 medic units were brought on scene. six people were taken to the hospital in critical condition. some nearby residents describe the destruction. >> you could see the whole tracks about four, five cars, they were laying on their side and there was about one -- one of the cars we see where it was really badly damaged. it was basically ripped in half. >> reporter: those with less serious injuries can be seen at the hospitals climbing out of out of the police wagons or exiting septa buses some toting luggage others dirty or with ripped clothing. others were able to walk on their own but were limping or appeared unsteady. >> there were so many people worse off than me right now. >> >> reporter: and the red cross is keeping an emergency shelter at webster elementary opened for anybody who needs to use it. that's on frankford avenue near the scene. passengers trying to reunite with loved ones can use that as a meeting place.
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there are also some counselors on hand and remember amtrak has also opened up a hotline. that number one-800-523-9101. >> let's turn to karen rogers for more on what's going on with mass transit. >> the northeast corridor you can't take at this time between philadelphia and new york city. all trains remain canceled at this point and service is going to remain canceled. we're not clear how long. we know trains are running on a modified schedule on amtrak between d.c. and philadelphia and also between new york city and boston. you can take new jersey transit. if you get to trenton they're honoring the amtrak tickets so you can take the new jersey transit line up to new york city. atlantic city rail line also impacted by this. not running between 30th street station and pennsauken. also affecting septa the septa trenton line canceled. they share those lines. septa's trenton line is canceled at this point and they say it may possibly be canceled the rest of the week. what they've done to try to help you out is add extra cars
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with the west trenton line. take the west trenton line as an alternate. another thing you can do if you can get to the frankford transportation center you could take the market frankford line into the city instead. chestnut hill east running on time. chestnut hill west is running but expect some delays with the chestnut hill west line. lots of impacts on the roads in port richmond as well. i would avoid the area of frankford between torresdale and castor avenue. avoid frankford avenue. instead of that stick to aramingo richmond street or i-95. i-95 just your usual jam-up through port richmond. we're not looking at any impacts on i-95 through port richmond but we are seeing impacts of pike street, wheatsheaf buckius sedgley butler, coral and sepviva seats. all of those remaining blocked at portions where they intersect frankford. you'll is to take your time getting around that. we have other impacts on the roads. we'll talk about some of the other roads and accidents around the region coming up in a few minutes, matt and at a many. >> thanks karen. "action news" coverage of this deadly train derailment
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continues on the air all morning long and also online at >> now we'll turn and talk about accuweather and other than that wind seems like a really nice day. >> it is. cooler than yesterday. some people might like. that got pretty toasty yesterday afternoon. storm tracker six live double scan shows you we're dry heading outside, sunshine up over the horizon a few clouds rapidly evaporating and never now -- every now and then our sky six cameras have been bob ling around a bit. fire concerns this afternoon. a red flag warning in south jersey. also some talk about issues in southeastern pennsylvania and delaware. low humidity, breezy and dry conditions so no off-roading today especially between the hours of 12 o'clock and 6 o'clock and do not flick the cigarettes out the car window. if you see anything smoldering in the woods call 911 right away so we can prevent a small problem from becoming a big problem. 61 degrees right now philadelphia, 56 in wilmington, 56 in allentown. mid-50's in reading and
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lancaster as well this morning. low 60's along the works in south jersey and delaware. satellite shows you there's a little bit of cloud cover out there but it's thinning out across most of our region and we expect that pattern to continue through the day. generally speaking it's going to be a sunny one overall. cooler up in the lehigh valley though. a high of 66, windy conditions out there and down the shore also a cool day today with a high of just 68 degrees, mostly sunny overall but winds blowing down along the o boardwalk. your exclusive accuweather 7-day shows a high of 69 degrees in philadelphia with some urban centers popping up into the low 70's. windy and cooler than yesterday. sunny and nice then on thursday, 74. and then 76 on friday, partly sunny skies a nice way to end the work week. saturday clouds, some sun. in the afternoon in particular there's a chance of a scattered shower or a thunderstorm but it is not a washout. and then sunday 80 degrees your high, clouds and sun and another spotty shower but mainly dry. looks like the beginning of next week's work week is also
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mild and dry. >> good. >> okay, thank you david. it's now 6:38 and coverage of the amtrak derailment continues next with a live report from 30th street station. we'll be right back.
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>> 6:41 and chopper six is back live in the air over the scene in the port richmond section of philadelphia and as the sun is up now you see the absolute devastation from these rail cars that went off the tracks here along the amtrak northeast corridor and all the rescuers and other
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officials there at the scene. or last word is that they have not accounted for every single passenger and so they'll work until that is done. at this .5 people dead, dozens more injured from this horrible accident. look at those rail cars. just about all over the place there along tracks in port richmond. >> karen you imagine what it was like to be on that train just how frightening that experience had to be and this morning we're dealing with the aftermath including with the commute. >> that's right. and unclear at this point how long we'll be dealing the cancellations and restrictions that we're seeing with mass transit. so there's a lot that needs to be learned. what we know right now is no service is running on the and amtrak between philadelphia and new york city. all service is canceled. they are running on a modified schedule so trains are running between d.c. in philadelphia and new york city and boston so you can get in those areas. what you can do if you could get to trenton you can take new jersey transit because they're honoring amtrak tickets up to new york so that's one option for you there.
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this is also affecting the atlantic city rail lines. not running at this point. atlantic city rail lines between 30th street station and pennsauken so a lot affected with that and we'll be on top of that. i want to take a look right now and i know penndot is moving our camera all around but we have a major accident impacting your morning commute and this is on 422. you can see this backup which we don't normally see on 422. so this is eastbound traffic approaching 23. we had an accident, was blocking the left lane. then blocking both lanes and as penndot is trying to zoom back to show you how people are just waiting in line just not moving at this point so we see that traffic on 422 eastbound. you're jammed at this point approaching 29. it goes as far as the eye can see approaching 29 to 23 right now. can which is a huge delay. in fact we're talking about a 36 minute ride at this point from oaks to 202. a major delay at the height of the morning commute it might be 20 minutes and i know they're going all around. like to zoom around. we'll look at some of the other issues around the area because i want to mention for
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other people traveling through the region, no problems on i-95 through port richmond related but only 17 miles an hour at cottman, 12 miles an hour at girard. the schuylkill about 11 miles an hour past the boulevard to past belmont. the big issue obviously is in port richmond with those effects and also on the roads on 422 matt and tam. >> thank karen. now we want to bring in "action news" reporter annie mccormick. she's she's live atelierth street station. annie sounds like they're trying to use the station as place to continue to be in touch with passengers on that train and to try to help them. >> reporter: that's rightly all morning passengers from train 188 that were at the hospital and were in some of the shelters have been making their way to 30th street station. there's a hospitality center set up by the red cross. once they get there it's important that they check in and that they are made accountable. that's because you heard matt talking about how not everybody is known to be accounted for in the wreckage. so they want to make sure that they have on record though
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those people are safe. well this was 30th street station overnight where stranded passengers slept on benches many many had trains booked headed towards new york after train 188. they then got stranded. at least 50 red cross volunteers welcomed passengers from shelters and hospitals including those with minor injuries. the red cross is working with other agencies including amtrak to get those passengers to their destinations. that includes people stranded. we caught up with andrew chen of singapore who was just released from the hospital. >> i really don't know. kept moving a lot of trauma. screaming. >> reporter: and here's a lucky guys chen. he was traveling with 15 of his family members and every one of them are okay. most of them were taken to the hospital but just suffered minor injuries and they all
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have since been released. they say they were taking a day trip to washington d.c. now they're headed back to new york city. now, amtrak also wants to let people know if you are still looking for your loved one do not head here to the hospitality center at the red crosses. it is important that you call the one-800 number we have been putting up all morning. one-800-523-9101. reporting live at 30th street station annie mccormick channel6 "action news." >> thank you annie. time is now 6:46. more coverage of this breaking news story is next. >> this is the view from chopper 6hd. six cars, one engine all off the tracks as rescue workers and first responders and others are still out there investigating and trying to get a handle on it. we have more on the derailment after the break including the 911 calls that came in the moments after those cars went off the tracks. >> ♪♪
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>> welcome back. chopper six is live here over what's called frankford junction here in the port richmond section of the city. you can see the train, six cars and an engine off the tracks there derailed with firefighters, police investigators and others on the scene. at least five people are dead. dozens more injured when that amtrak train came off the tracks. it was traveling from d.c. to new york city last night when several of those cars derailed. we know that five people are dead, six critically injured. a lot of other people in the hospital.
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we also know that investigators from the ntsb are heading to that scene and amtrak saying there will be no service between new york city and philadelphia until further notice but new jersey transit will honor amtrak tickets between new york city and trenton. now let's head over to erin o'hearn. she's continuing our coverage of the derailment disaster. she's at the big board good morning. >> reporter: images are frightening disturbing and shocking. when you think about how massive these trains are and how solid they appear it almost seems impossible the cars could end up like this. if you think about crushing a tin can this is what it looks like. these are the front cars, those that suffered the most damage. many people in the back cars escaped really without any injuries at all. let's take a look at this image because this is actually -- you can see the car flipped over and the belly of the train is exposed. and of course that itself looks mangled as well. and this, a shot of the crews who have been working tirelessly throughout the night and continue to work
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through the morning. they have that arduous task in front of them for the whole week both physically and emotionally. let's take a look at the 911 call made from the scene almost immediately after the train derailed. >> classify this as a mass casualty incident. immediately notify amtrak to deenergize these lines shut down the entire corridor by order of commander by order of battalion 10, incident commander. >> copy initial five additional medic units. i'm going need another five for a total of 10 medic units. >> reporter: this image has been getting a lot of attention on social media. this is the cover of the new york times from 1943 and that's when a train derailed at frankford junction on labor
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day weekend. that same area that train 188 crashed. and this crash back in 1943 killed 79 people. investigators would later say that the car's axle couldn't handle the speed and it just snapped as it approached that curve. of course we don't know why 188 derailed. those questions hopefully will be answered in the days and weeks to come. guys back to you. >> and we have been talking about amtrak not running between philadelphia and new york city but of course septa trenton line shares those tracks so the trenton line is also canceled and septa saying canceled today maybe even canceled the rest of the week. so what you can do is take the west trenton line. what they've done is added extra cars to try to help more passengers with. that you can also if you can get to the frankford transportation center take that to the market frankford line to the city. chestnut hill east running chestnut hill west running with a delay. on the roads our big accident of the morning is 422 eastbound. it was at a time blocking all lanes. pushed off to the side. a 32 minute ride from oaks to 202, a huge delay jammed from
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royersford to approaching 23. dave. >> sunshine and dry condition cans but cool conditions to work in. the northern and western suburbs all in the 50's. pretty much the same story in south jersey. a couple can of 60's popping up there and in delaware. and if you're dressing the kids obviously cool enough for a sweatshirt this morning. maybe a light jacket later on as most areas are only going up to the 60's this afternoon. we'll go for a high of 69 in philadelphia. a couple of urban centers possibly into the low 70's. we'll be back with more on that derailment in port richmond.
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>> ♪♪ >> 6:56. recapping our top story an amtrak train derailment in philadelphia's port richmond section killed five and injured dozens. the train was travel travel to new york. investigates are due to get to the scene later this morning. >> obviously this is having a big impact on your morning commute if 82 your trying take amtrak in the northeast corridor no service. everything canceled between philadelphia and new york city. running on a modified schedule. trains are running between d.c. and philadelphia. new york and boston you can take new jersey transit if you get to trenton. they're honoring amtrak ticket to get to new york. >> sunny and cooler today windy wedged condition for the rescue and recovery efforts.
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69 degrees is your high later dam couple spots might get up to 70t it is going to be on the blustery side. >> our coverage of that train derailment continues right after break so don't go way. "action news" continues: >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> absolute disastrous mess. never seen anything like this in my life. >> the stunned chilling description of the scene by mayor michael nutter in the wake of last night's deadly amtrak disaster. >> it is 7:00 a.m. on this wednesday and this is a live view of the aftermath from chopper 6hd. rail cars are flipped over, others torn apart and just about everyone pointing in a different direction. right now we know at least five people are dead. dozens more are injured. the ntsb will arrive at the scene today to begin its investigation into the deadly amtrak train derailment. we have team coverage coming up. >> all right, well, looks like it's sunny conditions building now over the crash scene and


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